• The compact disc is housed, alongside an insert, in a heavyweight gatefold cardboard wallet, printed in 5 colors (the fifth being luscious spot color on the reverse, only revealed when you open the case).

• SOLD OUT: The double vinyl format is housed in a sturdy wide-spine jacket, printed in 4 colors. Two 12" LPs are enclosed, pressed with music in sides A, B, and C. Side D reveals a custom etching...as deluxe as it gets. Purchasers of the vinyl will also receive a coupon to download the album in high-quality MP3 format, alongside some select bonus tracks. If you still don't think it's fancy enough: the 2xLP insert is a 22.5"x17" newsprint poster featuring a full-color photograph of the Megafaun boys on horseback. Cool? Yup, time to buy a record player. Mastered at Golden, this wax sounds fantastic.

Megafaun - Gather, Form & Fly

• 13 song 2xLP vinyl and compact disc (HT029)


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$16.00 - World

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1. Bella Marie 2. Kaufman’s Ballad 3. The Fade 4. Impressions of the Past 5. Worried Mind 6. The Process 7. Solid Ground 8. Darkest Hour 9. Gather, Form & Fly 10. Columns 11. The Longest Day 12. Guns 13. Tides