"Beast Rest Forth Mouth" manifests in multiple ways:

1. A compact disc.

The compact disc is housed in a heavyweight gatefold cardboard wallet, printed in vibrating pure CMYK on both sides. A 6-panel folder insert hides inside (including lyrics), opposite the pocket concealing one of the brightest, greatest-looking CDs we've ever made.  

2. An LP - in two editions: 

A red jacket containing a transparent blue LP.

A blue jacket containing a transparent red LP.

Although exact in every other way, the pressing was split into these two colorways. This is the ideal physical experience of "Beast Rest Forth Mouth" and of the art that binds it together. It's about choice, about variation, and about being a nerd for vinyl records and the special things you can do with them. All LPs include:

- a  22.5"x17" newsprint poster (printed in CMYK) featuring the album lyrics and art unique to the LP.

  1. -a coupon for accessing your own high-quality digital download of the album.

Beast Rest Forth Mouth now includes an additional ten-track album accompaniment, Beast Rest Forth Mouth: Remixed.

The compact disc version includes a second CD and insert. The LP includes the remix album via the MP3 download coupon enclosed with it.


Beast Rest Forth Mouth

01 .Beast in Peace 

02. Wholehearted Mess

03. You Do You

04. Lovesick Teenagers

05. Ultimate Satisfaction

06. Dust Cloud

07. Drug a Wheel

08. Deafening Love

09. Fake Out

10. Casual Goodbye

Beast Rest Forth Mouth: Remixed

01. Beast In Peace (The Hundred In The Hands Beast In Beat Remix)

02. Lovesick Teenagers (Twin Shadow Remix)

03. Ultimate Satisfaction (The Field Remix)

04. Wholehearted Mess (Pink Skull Remix)

05. Fake Out (BRAHMS Remix)

06. Drug A Wheel (High Places Remix)

07. Deafening Love (Deru Remix)

08. Dust Cloud (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)

09. You Do You (Studio Remix)

10. Casual Goodbye (Epstein's Galloping Gertie Remix)

Bear In Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth + Beast Rest Forth Mouth: Remixed

• 10 song vinyl LP + 10 song remix album or double compact disc (HT034)

LP w/MP3 Download:

$15.00 - North America

$22.00 - World

Double Compact Disc:

$12.00 - North America

$16.00 - World

(all prices include postage)

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