Megafaun - Megafaun

• 14 song album on 2xLP and compact disc (HT047)


01. Real Slow  (4:52)

02. These Words  (3:27)

03. Get Right  (8:32)

04. Hope You Know  (4:38)

05. Isadora  (3:24)

06. Second Friend  (3:01)

07. Resurrection  (4:25)

08. Kill The Horns  (2:09)

09. Scorned  (3:19)

10. Serene Return  (2:05)

11. You Are The Light  (4:12)

12. State/Meant  (3:23)

13. postscript  (2:37)

14. Everything (4:10)

Megafaun is pressed in both 2xLP and compact disc formats.

The 2xLP is packaged in an embossed 20-point reverse board gatefold jacket printed in CMYK. The two 12" vinyl records are accompanied by an 8-inch square, 20-page booklet that includes lyrics and liner notes. The vinyl format includes a coupon for a digital download of the album.

The compact disc is packaged in an embossed 24-point reverse board gatefold wallet. The exterior is printed in CMYK, while the interior of the wallet is printed in one color, revealing a subtle pattern in the gutter and pockets. The compact disc is screen-printed in six colors and is accompanied by a 20-page booklet that includes lyrics and liner notes.

All graphic arts for Megafaun by Draplin Design Co. The jacket features photography by Graham Tolbert. The booklet features photography by Sara Padgett.

2xLP w/MP3 Download:

$18.00 - North America

$24.00 - Canada

$34.00 - World

Compact Disc:

$12.00 - North America

$12.00 - Canada

$16.00 - World

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