‘Marijuana called me on the phone a long time ago. I hung up. It left a message.”

Began as a drunken strum into a tape recorder, ‘Marijuana’s on the Phone’ is your forged hall pass for Ape School, the moniker for Michael Johnson and his prodigious musical output. Spawned five years ago in the wake of former bands Lilys and Holopaw (and while Johnson was playing alongside fellow Philadelphians Kurt Vile and War on Drugs), Ape School is on the cusp of sonic apocalypse with Junior Violence, the new album coming this August from Hometapes. ‘Marijuana’s on the Phone’ is your first drag.

“I went to the studio with Eric Slick [Dr. Dog] and just ripped through a loose concept. Ended up using his first take drums. Went and found a couple of kids in the building to play sax and vibes. Ended up layering tons of Eventide guitars over it and jotted down a quick bit of lyrics. First take vocals all the way across. Beefheart/Barrett bastardization gone mudslide.” - Michael Johnson on ‘Marijuana’s on the Phone’

Backed with “Blame Mark Griffey,” the 7” features a full-color cover in a heavy PVC sleeve, plus two transparency masks by Freegums. The record was created in partnership with Needless Records, the Florida-based label home to Jacuzzi Boys and Woven Bones.

Ape School - Marijuana’s On The Phone + Blame Mark Griffey

• 2 song 7” vinyl (HT053)


A. Marijuana's on the Phone

B. Blame Mark Griffey

Limited to 1000 hand-assembled copies. Features a heavyweight, two-color cover layered with two transparencies featuring bewitching masks by Freegums, all packaged in a PVC jacket. Includes a download coupon good for instant high-quality digital files.

7” Vinyl:

$8.00 - North America

$11.00 - World

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