We couldn’t possibly be more excited to be working with this fine quintet from Copenhagen, Denmark. And we can barely contain ourselves in regards to the majesty which is their 2nd album, Private Cinema.

Private Cinema is one of those records that just screams “album.” There are one million and one ideas pouring out of every nook and cranny. Little drops of sunshine pelt you in the face until a summer thunderstorm sneaks up from behind you. Startled, you turn and take it head-on. The songs are rarely in a hurry to get where they are going, but it’s such a delight when they arrive. Rock (post and otherwise), jazz (avant and otherwise), electronics (both “out there” and accessible), and vocals (sung, shouted, chanted, & hummed) all find themselves intermingling. What’s it sound like? I’m not quite sure. I guess to me, it sounds like Slaraffenland.

This is one of those records that is the beginning of something huge. Something amazing and breath-taking. Something Danish, incidentally. Bands like this are why we run a label.

The artwork is being fashioned by world-famous troublemakers, Friends With You. (Visual artists like this are also why we run a label). The visuals are as equally amazing and breath-taking as the music---a truly original work with a stunning print job to match.


  1. 1.Sleep Tight

  2. 2.Show Me The Way

  3. 3.Polaroids (MP3)

  4. 4.This One Will Kill Us

  5. 5.The Run Up

  6. 6.Roed

  7. 7.Watch Out

  8. 8.Groen

  9. 9.You Win

  10. 10.Ghosts

  11. 11.How Far Would You Go

• 11-song compact disc

• artwork: Friends With You

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